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how to develop an enterprising and sustainable global business


Its global business – but not as we know it Positive disruption for any enterprise that wants to grow its global business

Optimum Export – supporting and training Export Entrepreneurs

Export Enterprise is about constant evolution. It can be a change to your processes, delivery model or your marketing. It is a bit like ‘baby-steps’; you just keep going, learn from each step and if you make a mistake, you adapt and go forward again

Export Enterprise goes across the whole business – it is about culture, capacity and capability

An increasing number of businesses of all shapes and sizes are looking for growth outside their home markets which is great. We are experiencing an amazing change in how people across the world communicate, get entertained and do their shopping – 18,6% of retail sales in the UK is done online. 33% of Danish online shopping goes through e-commerce sites based outside Denmark

Consumer trends travel at amazing speeds (Pokemon Go had 800 million downloads in just a few weeks) and brands can grow (or fall) because of a few re-tweeted Tweets.

The rules and speed of business is changing – providing great opportunities for all regardless of size, age or shape

This is a challenging and rewarding task – and never ending!

To keep on top of these important and fast-moving developments we suggest that you should use a balanced scorecard, an Export Enterprise Scorecard.
Optimum Export, the creators of the Export Enterprise concept have developed the Export Enteriprise Scorecard where you can
Communicate what they are trying to accomplish

  • Align the day-to-day work that everyone is doing with strategy
  • Prioritise projects, products, and services
  • Measure and monitor progress towards strategic target

Optimum Export can help you build a bespoke scorecard for your business where you can set, track and achieve your key business strategies and objectives. Once your Export Enterprise strategies are deployed and tracked through what we call the Four Legs of the Export Enterprise Scorecard

These four legs are made up of four distinct business perspectives as we have mentioned:

  1. Product lifecycle
  2. Consumer engagement
  3. NPD
  4. Channels and delivery


Export Enterprise scorecard covers:

  • Product lifecycle

  • Consumer engagement

  • NPD

  • Channels and delivery


To read more about Export Enterprise and see the Export Enterprise scorecard



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